About Us

The law firm of Messer Caparello, P.A., combines the oldest and finest legal traditions of Florida’s “Capital City” with the creative problem-solving skills necessary to resolve today’s complex legal challenges.

The firm’s beginnings can be traced back to over 40 years ago when Elliott Messer – himself a second-generation Tallahassee lawyer – co-founded a small, locally oriented law firm dedicated to providing creative, sophisticated, and high-quality professional services to a growing, and soon to be vibrant, community and governmental center. Central to that mission was the essential value that has since sustained the firm and its members: a spirit of true professionalism, as evidenced by service to the client, to the system of justice, and to the public. That dedication and mission has guided the firm through much change over the ensuing years, and it has allowed the firm to emerge as one of the region’s premier, full-service legal organizations.

Our firm culture is centered on solving client problems and enhancing client opportunities. As a result, we have come to represent a diversity of clients across the full spectrum of judicial, administrative, and public policy forums. We are experienced and skilled at bringing people and institutions together to their mutual advantage; and we have all the tools necessary to seek and obtain the resolution of all manner of disputes in virtually any forum. We provide counsel and assistance in handling almost any type of problem or situation, and in doing so we are able to draw upon a wealth of professional diversity, experience, and relationships.

While we recognize that our first order of professional commitment is to the effective and successful representation of our clients, we strongly believe that professional responsibility also includes public and community service. As a result, Messer Caparello, P.A., participates in educational, civic, bar association, and charitable activities that strengthen and benefit the larger community in the Tallahassee region and throughout Florida.