Employment Law

The Firm handles a wide range of employment law matters on behalf of private and public employers. We give our employer-clients practical advice and counsel to comply with the law and attempt to resolve employment-related disputes before they result in litigation. When litigation cannot be avoided, the Firm defends employers who are sued by their employees before state and federal courts and administrative agencies like the Florida Commission on Human Relations and EEOC.

The Firm provides the following services:

  • Employment policies. We draft, review, and help our clients implement hiring procedures, personnel policies and employee handbooks.
  • Agreements. We draft and review employment, independent contractor, arbitration, non-competition, non-solicitation, confidentiality, non-disclosure, severance and separation agreements.
  • Internal investigations. We conduct internal investigations of allegations of sexual harassment, fraud, or other employee wrongdoing.
  • Training. We provide training relating to compliance with the equal employment opportunity laws, handling sexual harassment complaints and avoiding lawsuits.
  • ADA compliance. We counsel employers regarding the scope of their duties to provide reasonable accommodations for disabled employees under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Wage and hour. We counsel employers on the proper classification of employees as exempt or non-exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act. We also defend our clients in claims for back pay and overtime, including collective actions.
  • Litigation and Arbitration. We defend ADEA, Title VII, ADA, FMLA and other claims of employment discrimination, wrongful discharge, breach of contract and employment tort claims.
  • Non-competition, non-solicitation and restrictive covenant issues. We advise our clients on the enforceability of non-competition, non-solicitation and restrictive covenant agreements and litigate disputes relating to such agreements.